Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mistletoe Manor

I have SO enjoyed seeing all the versions of the Mistletoe Manor on Pinterest and on the SVG Cuts Facebook page.  Mary gave us an amazing pattern file and set us free to adorn it in as many ways as we could think of!  But, the magic happens when you add lights to the house and a photograph just does not do it justice.  (So you will have to come see it for yourself, Sister!)  Love it, love it, love it!

I, um, mentioned that I made a big mistake when I was making it and, unfortunately, I made another mistake yesterday when I let my 2 year old DGS see it lit up!   However, a little extra glue and you can't even see where the repairs were needed!   I have to say his reaction was lovely to see!

So my first mistake -  I adhered the base pieces together in the wrong order and then glued the house down.  Oooops!  When I came to add the pillars - there was nowhere to put them!  A creative repair was needed and a good coating of texture paste and fake snow plus glitter covered everything up.   : )

Here's my version of the Mistletoe Manor: -

 I used Graphics 45 "Twas the Night Before Christmas" stack and Bazzil paper to make the house sturdy.  It was such a fun project!

Thanks for visiting with me today and allowing me to share my Mistletoe Manor.  : )   Christine

Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanksgiving Box Card

I played at 'Little House on the Prairie' last week as we had two days of power cuts due to a rather nasty wind storm.  The first day it was fun cooking on the wood stove; the second, not so much!  DH trundled out the generator and we ran it for a few hours to recharge the propane stove battery, and keep the freezer and 'fridge nice and cold.  I am so grateful to the PUD guys who worked overtime in the storm to get us up and running again.   I had serious internet withdrawal, I can tell you!  : )

Then on Thursday, it snowed all day!  We were able to get down to pick up Master J. and give him a snow day which was fun, fun, fun!   (Although, he did get upset because the snow kept covering up the images of Thomas on his boots!  LOL!)

It was too cold to spend much time in the craft room, but I did get the SVG Cuts Mistletoe Manor cut out and assembled on the kitchen table over the weekend.  I made a huge mistake which I need to cover up and then I'll share how it came out.  Oooops!

Do you ever feel like you never finish anything?  House cleaning, gardening, cooking, volunteer work, even keeping Cocoa's coat brushed and clipped are never ending tasks!   And don't get me started on the saga of the new, and still unfinished, barn!  

The answer, of course, is to download a pattern and make a card.  I love the Autumn box cards from SVG Cuts.   They are relatively simple and yet quite lovely when done.  I chose to do the Thanksgiving box card, but felt the need to add a sentiment and a pie!  I mean, nothing says 'Thanksgiving' like a turkey and a pie, right?

I used shimmer paper for the turkey and the cute patterned paper comes from a 6 x 6 Doodlebug stack.  Isn't that lace panel in the side of the card fabulous?     Well, now that's completed, I'm going back to cleaning the house!  Thanks for visiting with me today.   : ) Christine

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Thanksgiving Treats

It was time to make the November treats for the children at OHM and I was determined to make a candy corn shaped box with candy corn and pumpkins inside.  I could NOT find a 'candy corn' box in Design Space but I was sure that I had seen one somewhere.  But where was it?  (I hate those senior moments!) Ugghhh!

Eventually, I came across this 'Teardrop Treat Box' on the Fancy Boxes cart.  Yeah!  Then, I had to learn how to use the slice tool so that I could cut the different layers. Then, I found out that it does not glue together properly.  Then, I found that I had 15 shades of orange card stock none of which were the exact same tone.  Ugghhh!

I added a little bling and tied the top with jute thread and called it cute!   Wait!   Would the little boys want 'bling?'    Ugghhh!  Then, the old brain cells ground into motion and I remembered the BBTB2 Challenge this week - football!  Quickly, I cut out a football from "Life's a Party' and goalpost from 'Team Spirit' and glued them in place.  Double cute. 

DH has his instructions for the OHM ladies - the children get to choose whether they have bling or a football.  No sexism here!    Thanks for visiting with me today.  : )   : ) Christine

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Star Wars Anniversary Card

Like many other 40 somethings, my DS was/is a big Star Wars fan.  It was such a thrill for him when the DGDs saw it for the first time and loved it just as he did way back in the Dark Ages!

When I saw this pin by Got Scraps? it seemed the perfect fit for a card for his upcoming wedding anniversary.

I used my PC star embossing folder on the outside, and tried to keep the design as 'normal' as possible so that the inside was a surprise!

This is NOT my favorite line from the movie.  I wanted to smack Han Solo on the head when he said it and I'm not a violent person!

Thanks for visiting with me today.  : ) Christine

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thanksgiving Cabin

My sister was packing up to return to White Rock after house and animal sitting for us while we were in the U.K. and I was packing up the Halloween decor.  A doubly sad occasion.  : (   I hated putting away the SVG Cuts Bewitched Cabin.  When all of a sudden, as Thomas says, an idea flew in my funnel!  I would make a cabin for Thanksgiving!   My sister was enthusiastic and full of ideas for the cabin.  And here it is!   Love that wreath on the door.

I did enjoy browsing the images in the Design Space library.  I love having all those choices available in my subscription and while I ended up using carts that I do own, there's no way I would have pulled out all those carts had I been doing it the old way.  Don't you just love the pie cooling on the window sill? That never happens at my house!

Here's the old tree at the back of the house and the leaves blowing around.

And I put the sentiment here on this big back wall.

The paper is from The Pumpkin Patch from DCWV.   I used images from Autumn Celebrations, Thanksgiving, Wild Card, Heritage, and Mickey and Friends to name a few.

The challenge over at FCCB is "Anything Goes!"  It's always fun and inspiring to look at all the entries for this one!  Click on the link and have a look.  : )

I am also adding my cabin at the Linky Party at Craftin' Desert Diva's where the theme is orange and brown.  Great projects here. too.

Thanks for visiting with me today!   Hope you like the cabin, Sister!   : )  Christine

Halloween Monster Treats

One last Halloween post!   Paulette from the blog 'Around the block with Scrapalette' shared a free file for Monster Hugs.  They are soooo cute!  

Knowing that I was going to be away for the month of October, I needed a quick and easy treat holder for the OHM children and these cuties were perfect!

 Hmmm!   Cute but not scary, right?  So, I took Paulette's hugging arms and added them to the monsters from 'Mini Monsters' and 'Bump in the Night.'   Aha!

This was so easy to do with the Design Space software and since the addition of the slice tool, it's even easier.  Thanks for visiting with me today.  : )  Christine

Friday, October 31, 2014

Artfully Sent Halloween Card

When I sewed clothes for myself and the DDs, I did not ever think twice about changing the fabric, adding extra embellishments or changing the neckline so WHY do I feel so guilty about messing with the designs from Mary at SVG Cuts, or Ashley at 3DCuts, the Make-It-Now projects or even the layouts and designs from the CTMH carts?  I am, after all, just buying the pattern like I did when I bought a Butterick, or Style or Vogue dress pattern, right? 

This question was nagging at me as I made S's card and gift card holder from the Artfully Sent cart.  I love pop up cards and felt this Halloween scene was a great start but needed a little extra something like stars, a bat and an orange liner behind the windows. 

I used my Technique Tuesday zipper die to make the pocket that conceals the Target gift card.

Here's the front: - 

And a picture of Master J's fabulous dinosaur socks!     He's going to be sorry he ever insisted on being in the blog when I show these posts to his girlfriends in 20 years time!  LOL!

Thanks for visiting with me today.   Time to get ready to Trick or Treat!   : )  Christine