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Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Little Pick Up

Flicking through my stash of SVGCuts Christmas files, I came across a pick up truck box card and immediately thought of a friend's up coming birthday AND this week's Road Trip challenge at BBTB2. Don't you just love it when things come together like that?

Mary's file comes with a Christmas tree in the bed of the truck, but that was easy enough to trim away and replace with this cute sentiment patch from Just Because Cards. 

I added his age on the back of the truck - which I won't share with you! LOL -  and stamped Happy Birthday on the banner.  Honestly, it took me longer to choose the font for the birthday numbers than it took to put the whole thing together.  I finally settled on the Cricut font Southwest because of its simplicity. 

The truck body is cut with a shiny black paper that I have been hoarding forever and I left the edges free of inking to give the truck a little definition.  I added white gems for the headlights and red gems for the tail lights and called it done.  I think a red version of the truck complete with tree would be a great Christmas card for Master J.  Maybe add Santa driving it?  Hmmm!

Thanks for visiting with me on a rainy PNW day : )  Christine.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Tea Cup and Succulents Mother's Day Card

I hope that everyone had a lovely Mother's Day.  I very much enjoyed visits from my children and grandchildren, lots of flowers and cards, and a delicious brunch at DH's golf club.  Perfect!

Here's the card I made for my DDIL and you might notice that I added an extra insert.  This cute, cute tea cup file comes from Mary at SVG Cuts and is part of the Garden Party Box Card set.  However, since I was giving a succulent planter to my DDIL, I wanted to add succulents to the front of my card instead of flowers.

When I had cut the images (from CTMH Flower Market) and arranged them on the front of the cup, it looked flat, flat, flat.  Mary had shaped her flowers to add dimension but I could not do that with the succulent images I had chosen.  Hmmm.  I needed an insert inside the teacup and woo hoo! the patterned trim piece was the right shape and size to do the job although I did cut the side pieces down a quarter of an inch so that it could be glued in the center of the inside of the cup.

I also found that the center of the saucer patterned trim piece would cover the oval hole in the center of the saucer base piece which gave it a finished look. 

So what do you think?   I liked the tea cup card very much.  Mary always designs interesting cards and this one was quick and easy to make - unless you start messing with the flowers!  

 Thanks for visiting with me today.  : )  Christine

Monday, June 20, 2016

Happy Father's Day!

Yes, I know that was yesterday, but Father's Day sorta snuck up on me this year and I was in panic mode!   Fortunately, Mary at SVG Cuts came to the rescue with some box cards that really wowed the recipients.  This one was for DH and I enjoyed tremendously making it because the technique is very different.  So, watch the tutorial first and do NOT embellish the inserts until they have been glued in place.  No prizes for guessing why I'm passing on this tip!  Now, would it be possible to make this into a jewelry case or a make-up box?  Hmmmm! 

This box card was for my DSIL, long suffering Dada to Master J. I had a piece left over with this one and still have no idea where it goes!

This one was for my DS,  father of our beautiful, well behaved, and always obedient DGDs!  He is a great BBQ chef.  I used Glossy Accents on the six pack bottles to make them look more authentic.  Then, while they were still wet, I absentmindedly put a piece of paper on top of them!  Oh, well!  Two coats of Glossy Accents are better than one right?

Hoping that everyone had a wonderful day and I have every intention of having cards done by the end of May next year!   Thanks for visiting with me today and please pop back on Wednesday for my blog post for Sheila at She's a Sassy Lady.  I'll be sharing my experiences with the Anna Griffin Fabulous Flip Card dies.  : )  Christine

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Baby Boy Crib Card

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for someone to become parents or grandparents so that I had an excuse to purchase the Tiny Miracle files from SVG Cuts and make this box card.  Finally, our good friends became grandparents to the sweetest baby boy and here's my card for them:-

Inspired by the monochromatic challenge at FCCB, I used many shades of blue and the result is so soft and soothing - just right for a baby card.

I love the creativity of this file and it certainly has that 'wow' factor.   I think I need a baby girl crib card for my stash, don't you?  : )   Thanks for visiting today.  : )   Christine

Sunday, July 12, 2015

A Wheelbarrow Full of Flowers

The problem with making Christmas cards in July is that you can't put them on the blog!  So I took a break today and played with a project from SVG Cuts Country Market. 

I LOVE this Vintage Wheelbarrow cut and I made it specifically to fit on a corner shelf in Elsie (the RV) since I haven't figured out a way to keep fresh flowers intact as we travel.   Feel free to spam me with ideas on how to do this, please!

Thanks for visiting with me today.  : )  Christine

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Craft 'N Chat

My friend C came up last Wednesday to work on the treats for the OHM children.  The theme was July 4th and obviously, I was a tad tardy in getting them out! 

Such a fun morning!  C was soon working my MISTI like a pro, while I learned to use my new toy, the Fuse, to seal the Jelly Beans in the plastic treat bags.  The cuts come from SVG Cuts Sweet Treat Bags set and I resized them in DS to accommodate the plastic treat bags.   The patriotic paper comes from Pebbles, and the sentiment stamp comes from Scrappy Moms.   My fingers were quite blue after curling all that ribbon!

 I didn't notice until I downloaded my pictures, that Cocoa was checking out the treats.   He doesn't usually pay much attention to candy, but he does like Jelly Beans!

Right!  Back to work.  I am giving Cocoa a hair cut but we keep having to come inside to cool down.  This heat is horrible and far too early in the Summer.  DH is prepping the site for my new greenhouse which comes tomorrow.  We'll probably have to fit it with an air conditioner!   Thanks for visiting with me today.  : )  Christine

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Explore and the RV

So, when we bought our new RV, Elsie, we received 2 complementary nights camping at the Timberlake campground in the Columbia Gorge.  Never ones to pass up a freebie, we visited the campground this week and it was THE perfect getaway spot - not too far away, surrounded by interesting places to visit, and not next to a railway line!  Our site was hidden in the trees and close to the huge "Canine Walking Area" so Cocoa was a happy camper too.

I took along my Explore for a test run since I want to take it to Montana when we visit my fabulous scrapbooking expert friend, in July.    I cut out the SVG Cuts Spring Blossoms lantern one night, and assembled it the next day with no problems at all!   Yahoo!  Maybe I need a second Explore to take up residence in Elsie permanently?  Think DH will go for that?

Here's my project.  I used scor-tape to put it together rather than liquid glue.  (It just works better for me as who needs to take extra glue removing showers when camping? Not me!)  Thanks for visiting with me today.   Off to the dentist.  Ugggh!   : )  Christine

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Pretty Pink Purse!

My sweet, sweet DGD asked for gift cards and / or clothes for her birthday.  Oh no!  I HAD to visit a few of her (my) favorite stores to pick up the cards, including, as per her request, Michael's.  : )

I had pulled up the SVG Cuts Hobo Bag file on Design Space - I cut it for my sister's birthday last year - and saw that I would need at least two sheets of double sided card stock.  I usually 'shop' my stash, but since I was going to M's, I planned to pick up something extra special for Miss S. 

I fell in love with this pretty, dusky pink embossed paper from Recollections and found silk flowers that matched it perfectly.

I made gift card holders from the same SVG Cuts set.

The right paper makes all the difference, doesn't it?  And because in my head they are still 4 and 6 years old and unable to handle a gift to one, without something for the other,  I vinyled a mason jar with a split letter for DGD Gabby!  It took me three tries to get it reasonably straight.  : )  Thanks Narelle for the file!

 Thank you for visiting with me today.  Hope you enjoy spending your gift cards Sophia!   : )   Grandma Christine

Friday, March 20, 2015

Iris Fold Cards

I am totally fascinated with the iris folding technique but despite many attempts, I've not been able to do it!  Then, while browsing the SVG Cuts store, I discovered that Mary had found a way to make it easy enough even for me.  : )   So, this is what I've been playing with all week:-

I used text weight paper, rather than cardstock but even so, I found that I needed to insert pop dots when I matted the front.  Here's a closer look at the heart shape card suitable for a wedding, or anniversary.

Then I attempted the flower shape card and this one was trickier because there are 5 different papers to manage.   This works for a birthday, I think.  I made a mistake with this one but didn't notice until it was all put together.  : (

Mary suggests this smaller flower card as a sympathy card, but I think, with a different sentiment and brighter colors it could work for a birthday too.  I like the shape of this card.

Lastly, I worked on the 'Congratulations on Your New House' card.  I love the iris swirl on this one.

There is one more card in the svg set - a baby buggy card - which is very, very cute but not a true iris fold card.  Gonna need that one soon!

This set is well worth the $6.99 and can be found here.  I've seen some very cute variations on the cards on Pinterest including Halloween and Christmas versions of the house card.  Best of all, I did it!  I made an iris fold card and it was FUN!    Thanks for visiting with me today.   I have to run, Master J. wants a walk in the 'forest!'   : )  Christine

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

Here's my version of the SVG Cuts St. Patrick's Day tankard filled with rolos, tattoos, and a gift card for the DGDs.  The girls' Great Grandpa was Irish and today is a special one for them.

This is my second 'try' at this tankard because I could not get the top to fit properly and look neat.  So I cut an extra piece for the top and covered it all up! 

The gift bag is adorned with a print then cut image from the Seasonal Characters digital set and a border punch from Martha Stewart.   Easy peasy and cheap because, thanks to Charlotte's post here, I am saving up for a Misti!

Thanks for visiting today and Health and Happiness t' ye all!   : )   Christine

Friday, February 13, 2015

Mailbox Card in a Box for Valentine's Day

My family will tell you that I never sing the right words to a song.  Never ever!  In my head, however, I'm just being creative.  : )  When I pick up Master J. for example, I always sing "We're going to Grandma's house" to the tune of "Here we go round the mulberry bush."  There are many verses to this song naming the people, animals and things he will see at Grandma's house and lately he's been singing along and inventing verses just as his Mama did when she was a littlie! 

So, when I saw the mailbox box card from SVG Cuts, I wanted to construct real envelopes containing greetings from everyone at Grandma's house but, had to settle for the trusty Explore writing names on the teeny envelopes instead.  Kinda cute though, don't ya think?

Of course, I know that Master J. will be much more interested in the heart shaped box of candy and the Chuggington book that comes with the card.  LOL!  I'll share the rest of the Love Day stuff next week after it's been delivered.  Happy Valentine's Day!  : ) Christine

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Box Card

I can't believe that I've not finished my Christmas cards yet!  Arghhhhh!   Thanks to  SVG Cuts and their box card set, I was able to whip out a few of these fun cards over the weekend. 

I used the 'Merry Christmas Box Card' pattern and added the ornaments from the "Holiday Cakes" cart.  You might recognize the paper as remnants from the Graphic 45 "Twas the Night Before Christmas" stack that I used for my Mistletoe Manor.

This box card is enormous so be prepared for extra postage if you are mailing it! 

I was thrilled to see that the challenge this week at BBTB2 is to use an ornament cut.  Perfect!  I need to get busy pinning the DT's samples for inspiration for next year.  Hop over and take a look.  Thanks for visiting with me today.  : )   Christine

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mistletoe Manor

I have SO enjoyed seeing all the versions of the Mistletoe Manor on Pinterest and on the SVG Cuts Facebook page.  Mary gave us an amazing pattern file and set us free to adorn it in as many ways as we could think of!  But, the magic happens when you add lights to the house and a photograph just does not do it justice.  (So you will have to come see it for yourself, Sister!)  Love it, love it, love it!

I, um, mentioned that I made a big mistake when I was making it and, unfortunately, I made another mistake yesterday when I let my 2 year old DGS see it lit up!   However, a little extra glue and you can't even see where the repairs were needed!   I have to say his reaction was lovely to see!

So my first mistake -  I adhered the base pieces together in the wrong order and then glued the house down.  Oooops!  When I came to add the pillars - there was nowhere to put them!  A creative repair was needed and a good coating of texture paste and fake snow plus glitter covered everything up.   : )

Here's my version of the Mistletoe Manor: -

 I used Graphics 45 "Twas the Night Before Christmas" stack and Bazzil paper to make the house sturdy.  It was such a fun project!

Thanks for visiting with me today and allowing me to share my Mistletoe Manor.  : )   Christine

Monday, November 17, 2014

Thanksgiving Box Card

I played at 'Little House on the Prairie' last week as we had two days of power cuts due to a rather nasty wind storm.  The first day it was fun cooking on the wood stove; the second, not so much!  DH trundled out the generator and we ran it for a few hours to recharge the propane stove battery, and keep the freezer and 'fridge nice and cold.  I am so grateful to the PUD guys who worked overtime in the storm to get us up and running again.   I had serious internet withdrawal, I can tell you!  : )

Then on Thursday, it snowed all day!  We were able to get down to pick up Master J. and give him a snow day which was fun, fun, fun!   (Although, he did get upset because the snow kept covering up the images of Thomas on his boots!  LOL!)

It was too cold to spend much time in the craft room, but I did get the SVG Cuts Mistletoe Manor cut out and assembled on the kitchen table over the weekend.  I made a huge mistake which I need to cover up and then I'll share how it came out.  Oooops!

Do you ever feel like you never finish anything?  House cleaning, gardening, cooking, volunteer work, even keeping Cocoa's coat brushed and clipped are never ending tasks!   And don't get me started on the saga of the new, and still unfinished, barn!  

The answer, of course, is to download a pattern and make a card.  I love the Autumn box cards from SVG Cuts.   They are relatively simple and yet quite lovely when done.  I chose to do the Thanksgiving box card, but felt the need to add a sentiment and a pie!  I mean, nothing says 'Thanksgiving' like a turkey and a pie, right?

I used shimmer paper for the turkey and the cute patterned paper comes from a 6 x 6 Doodlebug stack.  Isn't that lace panel in the side of the card fabulous?     Well, now that's completed, I'm going back to cleaning the house!  Thanks for visiting with me today.   : ) Christine

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Thanksgiving Cabin

My sister was packing up to return to White Rock after house and animal sitting for us while we were in the U.K. and I was packing up the Halloween decor.  A doubly sad occasion.  : (   I hated putting away the SVG Cuts Bewitched Cabin.  When all of a sudden, as Thomas says, an idea flew in my funnel!  I would make a cabin for Thanksgiving!   My sister was enthusiastic and full of ideas for the cabin.  And here it is!   Love that wreath on the door.

I did enjoy browsing the images in the Design Space library.  I love having all those choices available in my subscription and while I ended up using carts that I do own, there's no way I would have pulled out all those carts had I been doing it the old way.  Don't you just love the pie cooling on the window sill? That never happens at my house!

Here's the old tree at the back of the house and the leaves blowing around.

And I put the sentiment here on this big back wall.

The paper is from The Pumpkin Patch from DCWV.   I used images from Autumn Celebrations, Thanksgiving, Wild Card, Heritage, and Mickey and Friends to name a few.

The challenge over at FCCB is "Anything Goes!"  It's always fun and inspiring to look at all the entries for this one!  Click on the link and have a look.  : )

I am also adding my cabin at the Linky Party at Craftin' Desert Diva's where the theme is orange and brown.  Great projects here. too.

Thanks for visiting with me today!   Hope you like the cabin, Sister!   : )  Christine

Sunday, September 14, 2014

This One's for the DGDs!

I just LOVE the weekends when the construction site in our yard is quiettttt!  DH took some time off to play golf and I, after freezing the day's quota of carrots, headed to the Craft Room to make a second SVG Cuts Bewitched Cabin for the DGDs.

When we went to pick the girls up on Thursday to take them to dinner and a quick trip to the hardware store (again!!!!!), we found a sign outside their house warning all the spiders in the neighborhood to STAY AWAY!   So what's a crafty grandma to do but make a haunted house full of spiders?

The paper comes from Graphics 45 'An Eerie Tale' and the vellum was part of an old Martha Stewart Halloween stack.  Very cool!

The battery tea lights kept sliding around inside the completed cabin, and I wanted to add candy, so I decided to make a little holder to glue inside.  I spent an hour trying to construct a holder and then realized that it did not need to be round!!!!   Ten minutes later they were made.  LOL!

Thanks for visiting with me today.  I'm off to deliver the spiders to their new home.   (Insert monster laugh!)    : )  Christine


Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Here comes Halloween!

The 'building site' was quite still and empty on Sunday and we were able to run to town and do a few errands, including a trip to M's for black Recollections paper.

I had the Bewitched Cabin from SVG Cuts imported into Design Space and ready to go so I slipped up to the craft room to cut out the 20 mats.  Ha!  I really only meant to glue a few things together but...  well, here it is, totally completed.  : )

The chimney was the part that I had the most difficulty with and at that point I had to walk away.  Five minutes later, I had a thought about fussy cutting some of the Fairy Tale characters from the Graphics 45 Eerie Tale and adding them around the cabin.   It doesn't take much to get my enthusiasm back for a project!

Look how cool it looks with orange tea lights inside it!    This was SO much fun!

Thanks for visiting with me today.  : ) Christine

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