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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Master J Has Glasses!

When Master J's Mama built his castle she included a mailbox and 'suggested' the family e-mail her with messages for Master J that she could print off and deliver to his mailbox.  Well, no!  If anything is going in the mailbox from Grandma and Grandpa,  I will have the pleasure of making a handmade card! 

Unfortunately, Master J has inherited eyesight problems from his Mama.  (She had laser surgery and we're now saving up for him!)  This week he was fitted for his new glasses and of course, he looks as cute as a button.  So the card I made for him this week congratulated him on his new glasses.

The overlay is from Artistry and I duplicated it and welded it 4 times for the background of the card.   The glasses and the eye chart cuts come from Dr. Checkup and Mike Wazowski comes from the Best of Pixar.   He's on an action wobble to add a little interactivity to the card.  Here's the innies: -

A couple of notes to self : -

* This particular "Congratulations" is from Cake Basics and cuts as ONE word.

*  Love this font for writing with the Explore - Always Here

And to finish up with a pic of Master J in his glasses.   Can we have a collective "Awwwww?"

Incredibly and most unexpectedly, this week's challenge at BBTB2 is Eye Glasses!   So of course, I'm linking up with the challenge here.  Aren't those soccer glasses from Maureen fabulous?  Check out all the other fun glasses available from the Life's a Party cart!  Thanks for visiting with me today  :  )  Christine

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Mr. Incredible Window Card

I called my daughter and asked, "Does DSIL like The Incredibles movie?"  "Well," she replied, "J (my grandson) does!"   Close enough, right?  Here's the birthday card for my DSIL featuring Mr. Incredible because... he is Mr. Incredible!

The base of the card is a window card pioneered many years ago by Sheila, of the She's A Sassy Lady blog using the Gypsy and the Cricut Expression.  Of course, it's much easier to create this type of card using DS and the Explore.  For one thing, the larger screen of my laptop is much easier to the eyes, and secondly, designing on the virtual canvas gives a good feel for the look and size of the finished project. 

Mr. Incredible's shadow layer and the speech bubble layer are welded to the frame of the window card.  This adds stability to the card and it looks 'finished' on the inside.  The window card style requires that the outside design continues on the inside and this makes the card such fun to make and fun to receive.  Here's the innies:-

Happy Birthday D!  Thank you all for visiting with me today  : )  Christine

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