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Friday, May 20, 2016

Cookie Monster Treats

Unfortunately, (and don't get me started!) at this time of year, the schools around here go into high stakes testing mode.   Translation - stressed out children, teachers, principals and administrations.  To try and alleviate matters, the teachers encourage parents and volunteers to provide little extras for the students that they can snack on or drink during breaks. 

This year, I bought little packets of Chips Ahoy cookies and decorated them with a belly band with an encouraging message and a cute little Cookie Monster image from the Sesame Street Font cartridge.

How cute is that?  The band was cut at 7.5 inches wide to allow for plenty of overlap, and Cookie Monster was cut at 1.2 inches high.  I also made a batch for the OHM shelter children.

This was fun and easy peasy little project, but I don't want to see Cookie Monster eyes again for a long time!   Thanks for visiting with me today.   : )  Christine

Monday, August 10, 2015

Sea Critter Treats

DH is giving Cocoa a haircut and keeping an eye on Katie because she thinks EVERYTHING in the world is a chew toy just for her delight - except the 101 real chew toys that litter the lawns, dog pen and all three levels of the house!

It's time to create the August treats for the children at OHM and I did enjoy making these lollipop covers from SVG Cutting Files.  They have such happy little faces! 

I used my Explore to write the sentiments for the back of the critters since I don't have (or more likely, couldn't find!) appropriate stamps.  The font is Anna Griffin Soiree Lettering and I love how this font is blocked in at this size.  (Note to self for future reference - 24 pt.)

One last picture of those happy little critters enjoying the sunshine on my deck.

Thanks for visiting with me today and please pop back on Wednesday as it's my turn to post on the She's a Sassy Lady blog.   : )  Christine

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Create A Critter Butterfly Treats

Our last camping trip took us back to Offut Lake Resort with our good friends S and C.  While the 'boys' fished and Cocoa napped, C and I put together the June treats for the OHM kids.


I cut the butterflies from Create A Critter and we added googly eyes to the front and a mini chocolate bar as the 'body' on the back.  OK!  I admit there was some snacking going on as we worked.  We added Stickles for a little extra bling and it amused me to see that  C could not make any of the butterflies look exactly the same but kept trying different designs and patterns!  (I know how that goes - I can't do it either!)

We visited some of the parks in the area including Tumwater Falls Park where we enjoyed a lovely stroll besides the falls and fish ladders with Cocoa, as always, out in front of the group. 

Thanks S for the great pic and thank you for visiting with me today. Be sure to visit She's a Sassy Lady tomorrow for my Gap Card tutorial blog post.  : )  Christine

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Tree Treats

Lol!  Try saying that three times as fast as you can!

Have you ever visited Brenda Quintana's blog?   She does the most amazing treat holders for Hershey Kisses and very generously shares tutorials with us.  I've made a couple of the designs but for the December treats for the children at OHM, I went with a simplified version of the Christmas Tree here.    So cute and the perfect little gift!

Master J. tested the kisses for quality control and pronounced that the red ones were best.  Hmmm.    Thanks for visiting with me today!   : ) Christine

Friday, November 28, 2014

Cocoa Cup Treats

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving!  Unfortunately, we didn't get to see ALL our family, this year but Master J. certainly kept us busy!  You just can't tell a 2 year old to sit and salivate at the delicious turkey aroma for 30 more minutes.  He wants dinner now!

Well, it's time to pack away the cornucopia, gourds, garlands of leaves and the Thanksgiving Cabin and put up the tree and the Mistletoe Manor.  (Although with the release of the new Frozen cart, I was thinking it might be fun to make a 3D Elsa's castle decorated for Christmas with all the characters skating around it.   What do you'all think?)

I have been working on the treats I love to make for my family to hand out to co-workers and friends and this year, I adapted the cocoa cup file from Lori Whitlock and filled it with my favorite Ghiradelli  chocolates.  The paper comes from Martha Stewart and the sentiment from CTMH Artbooking.  The snowflake flourish comes from Theresa Collins' December 25th cart and I cut it from DCWV Glitzy Glitter paper on the Intricate Cuts setting. It's gorgeous!

I am going to link my treat containers to the Decorate to Celebrate challenge # 89 Anything Goes!   This is one of my favorite sites to browse for inspiration.  Check it out!

Thanks for visiting with me!  Time to get on the road and deliver Master J back to his parents - who moved from their apartment to a house today!  : ) Christine

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Thanksgiving Treats

It was time to make the November treats for the children at OHM and I was determined to make a candy corn shaped box with candy corn and pumpkins inside.  I could NOT find a 'candy corn' box in Design Space but I was sure that I had seen one somewhere.  But where was it?  (I hate those senior moments!) Ugghhh!

Eventually, I came across this 'Teardrop Treat Box' on the Fancy Boxes cart.  Yeah!  Then, I had to learn how to use the slice tool so that I could cut the different layers. Then, I found out that it does not glue together properly.  Then, I found that I had 15 shades of orange card stock none of which were the exact same tone.  Ugghhh!

I added a little bling and tied the top with jute thread and called it cute!   Wait!   Would the little boys want 'bling?'    Ugghhh!  Then, the old brain cells ground into motion and I remembered the BBTB2 Challenge this week - football!  Quickly, I cut out a football from "Life's a Party' and goalpost from 'Team Spirit' and glued them in place.  Double cute. 

DH has his instructions for the OHM ladies - the children get to choose whether they have bling or a football.  No sexism here!    Thanks for visiting with me today.  : )   : ) Christine

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween Monster Treats

One last Halloween post!   Paulette from the blog 'Around the block with Scrapalette' shared a free file for Monster Hugs.  They are soooo cute!  

Knowing that I was going to be away for the month of October, I needed a quick and easy treat holder for the OHM children and these cuties were perfect!

 Hmmm!   Cute but not scary, right?  So, I took Paulette's hugging arms and added them to the monsters from 'Mini Monsters' and 'Bump in the Night.'   Aha!

This was so easy to do with the Design Space software and since the addition of the slice tool, it's even easier.  Thanks for visiting with me today.  : )  Christine

Monday, January 20, 2014


at the little beauty that has taken up residence in the craftroom!  (Thanks, honey!)

It is so sturdy and just perfect for cranking (sorry!) out this month's treats for OHM.

Thanks for visiting with me today.   : ) Christine
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