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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Valentine Lollipop Holder

Sometimes the Laws of Physics just get in the way!  I had the idea to take Mary's (SVG Cuts) little house candy cane holder and turn it into a lollipop holder for the DGDs for Valentine's Day.  Since they love puppies, I decided to use the dogs from Paper Pups to decorate the house.

It went together very easily, and I had such fun decorating it with lace, and puffy stickers, and punched out hearts.  The problem occurred when I tried to load up the lollipops.   I hadn't thought about them being top-heavy and, of course, the minute I stuck them through the holes in the roof they fell out!  Hmmm!

Three days later, I managed to get them to kinda, sorta stick in there.  LOL!   I also have accumulated lots of assorted lollipops as I tried to find the brand that was the least top heavy.  DH, being the person who understands Physics in this family, has an idea for the next one.  Right!

Master J. is not here today, but Cocoa was very interested in the photography process.  Thanks for visiting with me today,   : )  Christine

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