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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Get Well Soon!

Both DGDs have been sick this week.  : (  This sparked some reminiscing between DH and myself about being sick when we were children.  It soon took on the tone of "three miles to school and back, through the snow, in bare feet" and we had to laugh!   Children were relegated to bed to rest and recuperate on spoonfuls of broth and glasses and glasses of Robinson's Lemon Barley water!   If you were lucky, you were permitted to read a book.   No TV, games, or apps to entertain and distract as you suffered!  

This image from the Imagine cart 'The Good Old Days!'  (Uh, right!)  popped in my head and I set out to make a get well card for the Bitten by the Bug 2 -  Get Well challenge.   You can see the DT's fabulous designs here.

I am not too comfortable with creating 'vintage' although I love the look.  Hopefully,  paper from MME and lots of inking helped with the look and feel.  (I seem to be on a yellow kick, don't I?)
The book comes from another image on the cart, and I played with the colors a bit as the original  was just too pink!  I had fun making this card and thank you for visiting with me today.   : ) Christine

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