Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine Mailbox - SVG Cuts

One of the hardest things to explain to a Kindergartner is when it's necessary to 'tell tales' and when it's a situation that can be dealt with by the children themselves.  And, of course, a teacher wants to know everything that's going on in the classroom.  LOL!

Educators have come up with lots of innovative ideas to solve this problem, and the one I 'teacher -lifted' had many positive results, especially towards the end of the year.   I bought a Melissa and Doug wooden mail box and provided fun notepads and gel pens.  The Kindergartners wrote, using phonetic spelling, about problems they were having in the classroom and mailed the notes in the box.  Often, they enlisted a 'writing expert' to help them compose the letter.  Lots of learning opportunities there!  (It sounds dreadful, but their letters were sometimes most amusing and very few required more than my keeping an extra eye on the complainer and complainee!)

The mail box came home with me when I retired and has since been a source of fun for my DGDs and DGS.  J in particular likes to post cards through the slot and open the door to discover them - surprise! - inside.

I HAD to make him a mailbox for Valentine's Day and found the perfect one at SVG Cuts.  I did enjoy decorating it and making little valentines to go inside.  Hope he likes it!  Thanks for coming with me down memory lane today!  : )   Christine

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  1. Like your mailbox. I made a Valentine mailbox using Artiste Cricut cartridge. Wish there was a Cricut image lik yours.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"


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