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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hapbee Belated Birthday Card

One of my on-going projects since the arrival of my Explore, has been the recreation of the basic cards I had on my Gypsy.  I had been playing with this bee-lated birthday design for a while before realizing, last week, that I desperately, immediately, positively, needed it right then!

I had added the hexagon overlay from CTMH Artbooking and as you can see, I had welded it to a  square to make a shaped mat for the front of the card.  Well, nope!  That did not work, so back I went into Design Space and started again.  This time I created a 5 inch by 10 inch rectangle and sized the hexagon overlay to fit within the front edge of the rectangle.

Decision Time!  Do I WELD it to the front edge, or use the SLICE tool to cut away the interior hexagons?   I have to say that both cards looked pretty cool.

I chose to weld, but first, I had to use the contour button to remove the four interior pieces along the edge.

Of course, once the two pieces were welded, it was no longer 10 inches long, and as I discovered,  resizing distorted the hexagon shape and the original hexagon overlay would no longer fit nicely.  Thank goodness for the UNDO button!

The card was now 10.41 inches wide, so, I created a .41 inch wide rectangle and positioned it at the left side of the card, I used the SLICE button to restore the card base to 10 inches wide.  (Seems like a lot of extra effort, doesn't it, when I could have removed .41 inches with my trimmer? LOL!  However, this is a card I will make several times, so I wanted it to be properly designed.)

And here is the finished card:-

and the interior: -

Now this card is on Design Space, I can change the way it looks with different papers and embellishments.  Lets hope that I don't have to use it too often!   Thanks for visiting with me today.  : ) Christine

Friday, September 5, 2014

September Challenge

My local Craft Warehouse store hosts a Craft and Card club every month.  It is such fun and very inspiring to meet other crafters in person.  We get to see new supplies, sometimes before they go on the shelf, participate in a card swap, show 'n tell our latest projects and enter the monthly theme challenge and have our entries displayed in the store.  Of course, there are give-aways and prize drawings.

The September Challenge was 'In my Garden' and we had to incorporate seed packets, twine and a teeny, flat backed mason jar in our design.   It was amazing to see the creativity and variety in all the projects.  It never occurred to me to stamp flowers and place the mason jar over the stems like a vase, or to add real tiny seeds to the jar.  I just glued mine on top of a picture!  LOL!

I made a never - ending card and embellished it with images from 'Garden Soup' and 'A Child's Year.'
Several people hadn't seen this kind of card before and enjoyed its interactivity.

Terri Anderson from Technique Tuesday hosted a Make and Take using the zipper die she helped design.  Of course, I brought one home!

 Check out your local store for crops and clubs.  Crafting people are some of the nicest people I know!   Thanks for visiting with me.  Uh oh!  I hear Master J stirring - time for play dough and splashing in his little pool!  : )  Christine
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