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Friday, November 1, 2013

Menu Planner

Roree Rumph posted the inspiration for my menu planner on the Cricut Circle Blog last year.  (I do miss popping on there with my morning cup of coffee and really hope that PC will revive the idea of a daily blog.  Facebook is just not the same!) I have made several of them for friends and family.

The papers and images come from the Imagine cart, 'Kate's Kitchen' and the menu cards are attached with velcro.  The board is inserted into a 12x12 pocket protector and three lines of magnetic tape ensure it sticks firmly to the 'fridge.

We have all our favorite dishes written on the cards and plan our week's menu before we grocery shop.  When we are being adventurous and trying a new recipe, we post a sticky note on the planner.  Just the other week, a Looneyspoons recipe for pork loin made the transition from sticky note to menu card!

The one card that doesn't change is "Fish and Chips' on Friday for, as our DD says, "The world would come to an end if Mom and Dad didn't eat fish and chips on Friday!"   And now you know what's for dinner tonight! 
                                Thanks for visiting with me.    : ) Christine

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