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Sunday, November 17, 2013

Trigonometry anyone?

Last year I wanted to make a star fold card for my DSIL to wish him a 'Happy Hanukkah' but 45 report cards kinda got in the way!   So last night I went up to the craft room determined to figure it out.
I wanted the height of the equilateral triangle to be 6 inches and knew the angles had to be 60 degrees but where to go from there?   DH to the rescue and had it all worked out to 3 decimal places.  Three decimal places?  And where was the protractor?  
After wasting several sheets from my ugly paper stash, I did what I should have done to start with and looked it up on the Internet.   Peggy, at Daily Grace Creations had a tutorial here and with a bit of tweaking, it worked!   And here it is, sparkly DCWV paper and all!

Cool, huh?  Now, the first day of Hanukkah falls on Thanksgiving this year and I found this little image on the Silhouette on-line store.  DSIL has a great sense of humor and will enjoy this sentiment - I hope!

Well, time to put the roast beef in the oven and bake a carrot cake - courtesy of Mr. Duncan Hines!  Enjoy the weekend!    Thanks for visiting with me today.   : ) Christine
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