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Friday, March 20, 2015

Iris Fold Cards

I am totally fascinated with the iris folding technique but despite many attempts, I've not been able to do it!  Then, while browsing the SVG Cuts store, I discovered that Mary had found a way to make it easy enough even for me.  : )   So, this is what I've been playing with all week:-

I used text weight paper, rather than cardstock but even so, I found that I needed to insert pop dots when I matted the front.  Here's a closer look at the heart shape card suitable for a wedding, or anniversary.

Then I attempted the flower shape card and this one was trickier because there are 5 different papers to manage.   This works for a birthday, I think.  I made a mistake with this one but didn't notice until it was all put together.  : (

Mary suggests this smaller flower card as a sympathy card, but I think, with a different sentiment and brighter colors it could work for a birthday too.  I like the shape of this card.

Lastly, I worked on the 'Congratulations on Your New House' card.  I love the iris swirl on this one.

There is one more card in the svg set - a baby buggy card - which is very, very cute but not a true iris fold card.  Gonna need that one soon!

This set is well worth the $6.99 and can be found here.  I've seen some very cute variations on the cards on Pinterest including Halloween and Christmas versions of the house card.  Best of all, I did it!  I made an iris fold card and it was FUN!    Thanks for visiting with me today.   I have to run, Master J. wants a walk in the 'forest!'   : )  Christine

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