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Saturday, October 24, 2015

Think Pink

This week's challenge over at BBTB2 was, ummm. challenging!  This vintage, British born lady, could not imagine EVER sending a card featuring lingerie, pink or otherwise!  It took me three rejected and dejected designs to come up with a card that I could actually envision sending to someone and here it is: -

I've made word shaped cards before using phrases from the Wild Card cart, but this time I started from scratch and used the 'text' feature to write the words "think" and "pink."  I used the Carousel font since it has a lovely chunky shadow layer.  I ungrouped the shadow letters and manipulated them until they overlapped and then welded them together.  Using small triangle shapes, I covered up the smaller gaps between the letters so that the shape had a more cohesive look and welded again before  duplicating and flipping the image.  Aligning the two shapes one on top of the other, I welded them into one shape.  I added thin rectangles to fill in the fold line and welded again.  Lastly,  I added the shadow layer from the ribbon from the Pink Journey cart and welded all the images together.

I think next time I try this technique, I'll fill in more of the gaps between the letters and see if that gives it a more structured look.   (I want to try this with my grandchildren's names - won't that be fun?)

I wanted to keep the card as uncluttered as possible, but could not resist a rolled rose from the Flower Shoppe card and these tiny bead butterflies that have lived in my embellishment box for years just waiting for the right card!

One last look: -

Do go see here to see what the DT created for this challenge.  Their imaginative projects are part of the reason this card was so challenging! 
I am also linking my card with the BCA awareness Pinky Linky at DL Art.

Thanks for visiting with me today.  : )  Christine

Oooops!   I did not read the rules properly at BBTB2 and since this card doesn't have lingerie OR a lady, I removed it from the link up.  Ah well! This card was a terrific learning process and I loved making it. : )   
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