Sunday, February 21, 2016

Baby Boy Crib Card

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting for someone to become parents or grandparents so that I had an excuse to purchase the Tiny Miracle files from SVG Cuts and make this box card.  Finally, our good friends became grandparents to the sweetest baby boy and here's my card for them:-

Inspired by the monochromatic challenge at FCCB, I used many shades of blue and the result is so soft and soothing - just right for a baby card.

I love the creativity of this file and it certainly has that 'wow' factor.   I think I need a baby girl crib card for my stash, don't you?  : )   Thanks for visiting today.  : )   Christine

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Art Deco Birthday Card

I don't buy many carts since the introduction of DS, but Art Deco, in my opinion, has so many beautiful images that it is well worth the investment. 

This lady is one of my favorite images and I used her on the birthday card I created recently for my DD.   I incorporated the comedy and tragedy masks into my design since she is a devotee of the stage and a very talented actor.

I was so impressed with my restraint when adding embellishments.  Sequins and glitter - apart from a stray piece or two transferred from my desk! - were just not necessary with the lovely colors and texture of the American Crafts card stock that I used.  The innies:- 

O.K!  Time to get inky and glittery!   Thanks for visiting with me today.  : ) Christine

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's Day!

We are in the midst of a deluge here in our corner of the PNW!   It's the perfect day to stay indoors by the fire and work on some long overdue cards while DH ties some flies to use when fishing the Yellowstone on our summer trip.

But first, I want to share the treats I made from Mary's Lollipop Garden file at SVG Cuts.  This is an older file, but easy peasy to construct and to add extra touches to make it your own.

I cut the lollipop covers from patterned paper and then realized I would have to discard half of them because on the file, the cuts are upside down and packed closely together to save paper.  There was just no way to 'slice' them apart!   My solution was to use double sided paper that was patterned on one side and unpatterned pink or red on the other.  See how it pays to have a large stash of paper?  LOL!

I also found that I could not secure the cover to the lollipop with ribbon as Mary suggests, but adding a little strip of washi tape helped keep the tabs in place so that I could make that little knot.

How cute are these lollipop gardens?  Have a lovely Valentine's Day and thanks for visiting with me today. : ) Christine

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Jar Full Of Pixie Dust

This past month, DSIL has been working away from home, and so our DD and Master J have occupied our guest bedroom one night a week so that we could be entertained by Master J for two days a week instead of one.

They introduced me to the Tinkerbell and Friends movies and I have no idea how, with two DGDs and oodles of Kindergartners, I missed out on the fun!  Searching for Tink on DS, I discovered that I do have one image - from Disney Classics, and so was able to resist the urge to buy the Tinkerbell and Friends cart!

I wanted to make a pixie dust night light jar for Master J and so I 'had' to make a trip to Craft Warehouse to buy a green tinted mason jar.  I used Art Glitter glue and painted it around the inside of the jar.  The glue dries clear and so the uneven paint work - rotating the wrist will take some time to recover apparently - did not matter too much.   Next I swirled fine gold glitter around inside the jar and on the lid and allowed it to dry while I cut Tink's shadow layer in black vinyl for the outside of the jar.

I have underwater tea lights (from Amazon) which light up by turning the casing rather than from a hidden switch and was able, therefore, to mount the tea light under the jar lid. ( O.K. Please forgive the rotten, out of focus photo.  The new Nikon is on its way!)

To hide the light, I tied ribbons on an elastic hair band and added it beneath the lid.  The effect is magical when the jar of Pixie Dust is alight and Master J just wanted to hold it, and then he wanted to unscrew it to get out the dust.  I hurried to provide him with a pinch of dust (glitter) which promptly went onto Mama who obligingly pretended that she was about to float away!  Truly, that was a magical moment. : )

Thank you for visiting with me today. Watch out for Pixie Dust!   : )  Christine

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Treats in Heart Shaped Tins for Valentine's Day

Aren't these the cutest things?  I was looking for something I could create for the children at OHM and found these at Michael's in the Wedding section. (I used a coupon, of course!)

I lined the inside with a heart shape cut on my Explore, and affixed the ribbon, from my RRR February club offering, with double sided tape.  A stamped tag and glittery sticker finished it off.   Easy peasy, indeed!

The tin holds three chocolate hearts plus more glittery stickers and hopefully, can be used for small treasures after Valentine's Day. 

 Off to visit the Fracture Clinic.  Fingers crossed - well, I would if I could! - that this is the last time.   : )   Thanks for visiting with me today.  : ) Christine
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