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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Gatefold Shutter Cards

We had such fun on our camping trip to Montana!  We met up with our friends in Anaconda and hiked, golfed, fished, took a couple of historic tours, and visited the Arts in the Park festival twice.  :  )   M. and I did a lot of catching up on what was happening in our families, talked scrapbooking, cardmaking and the Explore, looked at Pinterest and watched crafting videos together.  Lovely!

We were fascinated with the idea of the Gatefold Shutter card, sometimes called the Magic Eye card, and after several videos we figured it out.   I was able to put the deets into Design Space and cut a thank you card for my DS and DD who fed cats and chickens while we were gone.  (I'll share these when they are delivered!)

Tomorrow is my eldest DD's wedding anniversary and I used my file once I got home - and got the laundry underway - to make a card for L and D.   Here it is closed with the belly band:-

and as the card opens, the shutter mechanism starts to open:-

to reveal the hidden message or image.   How cool is that?

The decorative paper comes from Hobby Lobby.   Yes!   I finally got to visit a Hobby Lobby in Spokane Valley and I was in heaven!   All I can say is that it is well worth the drive. Truly!

A last peek at the card in the late afternoon sun.

Ughh!  Now I see that I bent the corner a little, so pretty please ignore that bit!  Thanks for visiting with me today. : ) Christine

Here's the file if you'd like to make your own card.

Go here for excellent instructions.   Enjoy!

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