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Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Jar Full Of Pixie Dust

This past month, DSIL has been working away from home, and so our DD and Master J have occupied our guest bedroom one night a week so that we could be entertained by Master J for two days a week instead of one.

They introduced me to the Tinkerbell and Friends movies and I have no idea how, with two DGDs and oodles of Kindergartners, I missed out on the fun!  Searching for Tink on DS, I discovered that I do have one image - from Disney Classics, and so was able to resist the urge to buy the Tinkerbell and Friends cart!

I wanted to make a pixie dust night light jar for Master J and so I 'had' to make a trip to Craft Warehouse to buy a green tinted mason jar.  I used Art Glitter glue and painted it around the inside of the jar.  The glue dries clear and so the uneven paint work - rotating the wrist will take some time to recover apparently - did not matter too much.   Next I swirled fine gold glitter around inside the jar and on the lid and allowed it to dry while I cut Tink's shadow layer in black vinyl for the outside of the jar.

I have underwater tea lights (from Amazon) which light up by turning the casing rather than from a hidden switch and was able, therefore, to mount the tea light under the jar lid. ( O.K. Please forgive the rotten, out of focus photo.  The new Nikon is on its way!)

To hide the light, I tied ribbons on an elastic hair band and added it beneath the lid.  The effect is magical when the jar of Pixie Dust is alight and Master J just wanted to hold it, and then he wanted to unscrew it to get out the dust.  I hurried to provide him with a pinch of dust (glitter) which promptly went onto Mama who obligingly pretended that she was about to float away!  Truly, that was a magical moment. : )

Thank you for visiting with me today. Watch out for Pixie Dust!   : )  Christine

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