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Friday, November 3, 2017

Finally, Halloween!

I hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!  We had lots of Trick or Treaters including several very cool inflatable costumes.  All our neighbors were out enjoying pizza and watching the over-excited little ones in the cul de sac running about and working off their sugar highs!

Here's a last few Halloweenie things to share before I get seriously into Thanksgiving...

SVG Cuts Candy Gang bags for the neighbor kids. 

By the time the older kids arrived, we were handing out spider rings and Tootsie Rolls : )  The mummy was my favorite because he was so delightfully inky!  I made these for my DGDs.

Tim Holtz Village dies Haunted Houses.  Love, love, love the versatility of these dies.

These little matchbox treats were for the shelter children.  I cut the boxes and wraps by hand and the decorations came from Mini Monsters, Create a Critter 2, Happy Hauntings, Charmed, Smiley Cards and Hello Kitty.

The boxes are just big enough to hold 3 nuggets and the Hello Kitty bat was their hands down favorite! 

Thanks for visiting with me today!   : )  Christine

Sunday, October 22, 2017

A Little Batty

A quick post to share the bat wall decor I made for my DGD using the Holiday One Cut Gallery image set available in DS.  

Backing the cut with different colors of glitter paper results in very a different look and feel.  I really, really liked the neon green, but DH reminded me that I needed to cut a moon and stars for the outside and did I want green stars?  Sigh!   Purple looks spooky too and orange, fabulous!  Maybe I should just cut several of them with different glitter backings and group them together in a decor piece.  Oh yeah! Sounds like a plan to me.  : )

Thanks for visiting with me today and putting up with my ramblings!   : )  Christine

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Pumpkin One Cut Wall Decor

We had a lovely visit from my sister this week and we shopped, walked Cocoa and Katie, shopped, dined out, and shopped some more.  : )   In snatches of down time, I worked on designing Halloween projects for my DGDs and Master J.  I made the Sizzix/Tim Holtz spooky houses for the girls last year so this year decided to go with some kind of wall decor.

 Cricut has just released some amazing One Cut Holiday projects including a pumpkin shaped piece and a bat shaped piece that are just perfect for the girls.  After I cut them,  I decided that I needed to emphasize the pumpkin and bat shapes by adding an outer layer to the cut.

Here's the finished pumpkin piece:-

The bats come from Happy Hauntings,  Chic and Scary,  Artbooking,  and Classroom October and November.  The "boo" cut comes from Holiday Cakes.  I cut the piece in orange card stock and backed it with black glitter card stock.  It's one of those cuts where you see something new every time you look at it!

Now to finish the bat project!   Thanks for visiting with me today.  : )  Christine

I am linking my project with the Great Pumpkin Challenge at BBTB2
and with Challenge #311 at FCCB, and also with the Pumpkin challenge, at Pause, Dream, Enjoy Challenge blog.  Lots of pumpkin inspiration here!

Friday, September 16, 2016

Another Attempt at a Z Fold card!

This Z Fold pop up card is intriguing me!   Every time I make one, I learn something else about the design.  (Give me six months when everyone else has moved on to something else, and I will have finally mastered it!  LOL!)  Here's a Halloween version that I have been working on for a Challenge in one of my Facebook groups: -

I cut the fence in three sections, one of which was sized at the width of the card (5.5 " for this card) and the other two sized at half the width of the card (2.75").  I flipped one of the smaller sections of fence by using the mirror feature on Design Space so that the whole fence would fit together perfectly when folded.

The images come from Monster Bash, Mini Monsters,  Creepy Critters, Artbooking and Holiday Cakes.  The fabulous background paper is Graphic 45.  

Trying to get a clear photo of this card was tricky, tricky, tricky!  Note to self - two spooky trees is one too many, so look at the project from all angles BEFORE gluing!!!!!  Thanks for visiting with me today.   : )  Christine

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Crazy Bird Halloween House

Why is this pretty princess so apprehensive?   Well...

It started out as a project using the 'fill' patterns in Design Space.  Ever since I sadly disposed of my Imagine, I have waited, not very patiently, for this feature to be added to Design Space and finally, here it is!  The patterns are available after you flatten your image in the Layer Attribute panel and then the edit button brings up a slider bar that allows you to scale the pattern:-

 Be aware, however, that the size restrictions on the image you can print and cut also limit a pattern filled cut.  (Go here for more details.)

So, having decided to make a birdhouse (a free pattern from Bird's Cards new svg shop here.) using one of my favorite bark patterns from the Snapshot Nature Imagine cart, it occurred to me that I could use up some of the (many) crazy birds that I watercolored by adding them to the birdhouse.  Naturally, I could not stop there, and the whole Crazy Birds Halloween Birdhouse was born!  Here it is:-

And, of course, the reason that the pretty princess is so apprehensive about Trick or Treating at the birdhouse is that those crazy birds went way over the top with their decorating!  Can you tell I had fun, fun, fun, fun, fun with this project?

I used images from A Child's Year, Monster Bash, Classroom - October and November, and Creepy Critters carts.  One last view with the tealight glowing:-

I am linking my birdhouse with the 'Anything Goes Challenge #111' at Decorate To Celebrate challenge blog.  Check it out!  : )

Thanks so much for visiting with me today.  : )  Christine

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Hello Kitty Halloween Shaker Card

My sister came down last week and we had a lovely 'catching up' visit!  Cocoa was very happy that Katie had a new doggy cousin to pester and chase instead of being the sole recipient of her attention.

Jan brought down a box containing cards that I'd made for her over the last ten years or so.  Hmmm!  Thankfully,  I've learned a lot about paper choices, color selection and design over the years.

I found time to work in my craft room today and quickly transformed it from its unnatural tidy state to its usual comfortable muddle and mess.   I have been playing with the new flood fill feature in Design Space and really like being able to adjust the size of the pattern to 'fit' the design.

Since I was using Halloween confetti inside the shaker, I needed to allow plenty of space inside the  mechanism.  I cut a circle of black craft foam and sandwiched it between the patterned paper, the acetate, and the black construction paper circular frame.  My trusty Explore cut all the elements perfectly and good old Glossy Accents glued it all together.

Here's the inside: -

You'll see that for once, I added the HK nose but I'll confess to cutting it in white and using a Distress marker to color it pink.  LOL!

Thanks for visiting with me today.  Hope you like this year's HK card!    : )  Christine

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Leo's Lanterns

We're back to reality after a wonderful camping trip in Crater Lake National Park.  Visiting this park has been on our 'to do' list FOREVER and finally, this year, we made it!  The lake is wonderfully blue and the geology absolutely fascinating. 

Every time we stopped at a pull-out, the view took our breath away.  And every time we got out to take pictures, Katie popped into the front seat and sat looking extremely bored, with her front legs draped over the steering wheel!  She reminded us of a tour guide we had while we were doing one of those "If it's Tuesday, we must be in Lucerne" bus tours around Europe. 

Although I packed my Explore, the wifi at the campground was intermittent and the update confused the heck out of the internet connection!  Fortunately, all was well when I got home and I have enjoyed playing with the flood fill feature.   More on that later!

Also while we were away, Leo, part owner and co-developer of SVG Cuts, opened up a new site of his own called Dreaming Tree and offered a bundle of three amazing Halloween lanterns which, of course, I had to have!

The designs on the lanterns are amazing and cut with great accuracy.  Leo has included a Supply List with the files which is very useful and he does have a video tutorial on the web site.  I love the look of the printed vellum. Note to self - let it dry for a LONG time before cutting the pieces apart!

That said, I had a hard time gluing the pieces together because IMHO, the panel openings are too wide, and the supporting structure too thin.  I had glue everywhere until I switched to my good old Zig pen!   Nor do I like the closure at the top - it's hard to insert the last tab.  Leo recommends  a very cool set of LED lights that are remote controlled but these are over my budget, I'm afraid.  I guess I'll reconcile myself to the fact that these are to be one time only decorations!   Oh no!  That means more crafting!!!!

I'm off to work on the other lanterns in the bundle.   : )   Thanks for visiting with me today.   : )   Christine

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Halloween Triple Easel Card

The plan was that we would add a satellite TV outlet in the family room so that DH could watch football while I sat in the lounge and watched DWTS.  Unfortunately, the couch in the family room is covered, and I mean COVERED in books that need to be sorted and delivered to Goodwill. So we both watched football.  Fortunately, I was able to play on Design Space at the same time and create a triple easel Halloween card for my eldest DGD.   Here it is!

I followed the tutorial from SplitCoastStampers here, and added three pumpkins sized at 3 inches, 4 inches and 5 inches.  I ungrouped the shadow layer of a pumpkin, and duplicated it.  I used a square to slice away the stalk of the pumpkin and then duplicated the resulting shape.  I flipped the duplicate pumpkin vertically and welded the two stalkless pumpkins together. 

I changed the color of the stalk to green and added a leaf.  I repeated this process with the other two pumpkins.  Then I decided that I needed a carved face on the pumpkins, so sliced in spooky faces from the Pumpkin Carvings cart.   Then I decided that I needed some children in Halloween costumes peeking out besides the pumpkins, so added three characters from the Trick or Treat cart.  Enough!!!!  One last step was to add "Boo" as the stop for the front card.

 Here's the DS file number if you would like to replicate the card.  : )

The challenge over at BBTB2 this week is to create a project with imaginary characters.   I LOVE what the DT came up with!

The challenge at FCCB is to create a project for a kid.  What a fun idea!   Pop over and take a look at the creative designs.

Thanks for visiting with me today!   : )  Christine

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Creepy Critters!

We're in Gig Harbor WA for a few days with DH's Flyfishing Club to do some surf fishing - 'pinks' I think he said.  All I know is that he tied some very sweet little pink and orange flies that he did not appreciate me calling "pretty!" 

While the guys were out, my friend C and I got together for a Craft 'n Chat session assembling these cuuuute little Halloween treat bags from the new Cricut cart 'Creepy Critters.'

I sized the bags to cut at 3 inches when flat - 5.23 wide and 6.1 high per group - and they hold 4 pieces of candy quite comfortably.  In fact, these little bags are so easy to arrange on a page so as not to waste any cardstock and so easy to assemble, that I am sure I will be redecorating them to use for baby showers, wedding showers, birthdays, and for Valentine and Christmas treats.

I added my favorite CTMH stamp on the back - the one that goes perfectly on a 1" scalloped punch!

Well, time to get ready for the potluck.  TTYL!  Thanks for visiting sunny Gig Harbor with me today.  : )  Christine

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween Monster Treats

One last Halloween post!   Paulette from the blog 'Around the block with Scrapalette' shared a free file for Monster Hugs.  They are soooo cute!  

Knowing that I was going to be away for the month of October, I needed a quick and easy treat holder for the OHM children and these cuties were perfect!

 Hmmm!   Cute but not scary, right?  So, I took Paulette's hugging arms and added them to the monsters from 'Mini Monsters' and 'Bump in the Night.'   Aha!

This was so easy to do with the Design Space software and since the addition of the slice tool, it's even easier.  Thanks for visiting with me today.  : )  Christine

Friday, October 31, 2014

Artfully Sent Halloween Card

When I sewed clothes for myself and the DDs, I did not ever think twice about changing the fabric, adding extra embellishments or changing the neckline so WHY do I feel so guilty about messing with the designs from Mary at SVG Cuts, or Ashley at 3DCuts, the Make-It-Now projects or even the layouts and designs from the CTMH carts?  I am, after all, just buying the pattern like I did when I bought a Butterick, or Style or Vogue dress pattern, right? 

This question was nagging at me as I made S's card and gift card holder from the Artfully Sent cart.  I love pop up cards and felt this Halloween scene was a great start but needed a little extra something like stars, a bat and an orange liner behind the windows. 

I used my Technique Tuesday zipper die to make the pocket that conceals the Target gift card.

Here's the front: - 

And a picture of Master J's fabulous dinosaur socks!     He's going to be sorry he ever insisted on being in the blog when I show these posts to his girlfriends in 20 years time!  LOL!

Thanks for visiting with me today.   Time to get ready to Trick or Treat!   : )  Christine

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hello Kitty Halloween Card

I was 'enabled' into buying some gilding flakes by a very nice lady I met at the GNPE in Harrogate.  She told me how easy they were to use and that I didn't need any special glue, etc. and indeed they looked gorgeous on all her projects.

They were the first thing I wanted to try but when I opened the box, it was like a mini explosion of foil flakes EVERYWHERE!  Jamming the lid back on, I googled 'gilding flakes' and found a tutorial here for a mosaic card background.   Love it!   She recommends decanting the flakes immediately to a larger container. Great tip!

 What a cool technique and one I will use again with my scraps.

Here's the front of G's card.   Kitty comes from the Hello Kitty Greetings cart and the font I used for the sentiment is from Cherry Limeade.

I used my Technique Tuesday zip die on the inside so that G can access the gift card from one of her favorite stores, Target.  I usually have a ton of little gifts for them but it wasn't happening this year!  Hope she likes it.

The challenge over at FCCB is Halloween projects.  There's tons of inspiration from the DT and the challenge entries.  Check it out!     

Thanks for visiting with me!   Happy Halloween!   Christine  : )

Sunday, September 14, 2014

This One's for the DGDs!

I just LOVE the weekends when the construction site in our yard is quiettttt!  DH took some time off to play golf and I, after freezing the day's quota of carrots, headed to the Craft Room to make a second SVG Cuts Bewitched Cabin for the DGDs.

When we went to pick the girls up on Thursday to take them to dinner and a quick trip to the hardware store (again!!!!!), we found a sign outside their house warning all the spiders in the neighborhood to STAY AWAY!   So what's a crafty grandma to do but make a haunted house full of spiders?

The paper comes from Graphics 45 'An Eerie Tale' and the vellum was part of an old Martha Stewart Halloween stack.  Very cool!

The battery tea lights kept sliding around inside the completed cabin, and I wanted to add candy, so I decided to make a little holder to glue inside.  I spent an hour trying to construct a holder and then realized that it did not need to be round!!!!   Ten minutes later they were made.  LOL!

Thanks for visiting with me today.  I'm off to deliver the spiders to their new home.   (Insert monster laugh!)    : )  Christine


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