Friday, August 19, 2016

Galaxies of Fun

There was a time when I knew almost every image on the Cricut carts I owned.  Nowadays -  not so much!  I am, therefore, eternally grateful for the Search function in Design Space which sometimes pops up something unexpectedly and fun.

I needed a card for one of Master J's friends and the theme of the party was 'Space.'  I had my constellations paper and the 'print then cut' planets in DS ready to add the number 4.  I searched for a '4' rather than use a text box and this image "just 4 you" appeared.  Perfect!

Are you like me, can't adhere letters down in a straight line to save your life?  So here's the solution... duplicate the letters and weld them to a frame. Cut and add to your card or scrapbook page then cut the second layer and glue on top of the frame letters.  Voila!


Here's the innies:-

Thanks for visiting with me today.   : )   Christine

Monday, August 8, 2016

Picnic Basket Treat Boxes Plus Ants!

It rained today!   We NEVER have rain in early August and we were very busy splitting logs for the winter, and stacking them to season, when down it came.  So, not a good day for a picnic in one of the lovely parks in our corner of the PNW.

I was thinking of picnicking as I put together the little boxes of treats for the OHM kids this month.  These things are so, so easy to make with the Envelope Punch Board and can be sophisticated or simple depending on the paper and embellishments.  Here's the tutorial I followed -
Easy peasy!

I added a picnic basket from the Family Album cart and a butterfly punch from MS.   As I packed the saltwater taffy in the boxes, I added six card stock ants also from the Family Album cart.  My hope is that the children enjoy using the ants to play practical jokes on the staff at the residence!

Thanks for visiting with me today, and watch out for ants on your picnic   : )  Christine

Thursday, August 4, 2016

A Castle for Master J

Can you believe Master J is 4 years old?  He loves to play 'pretend' and use his imagination and some days will not answer to his name, but insists, quite vehemently that he is Captain America, a kitty, or even She-Hulk!  So, of course, when asked what he wanted from his Mama and Dada for his birthday, he asked for a "violet castle."

Here's my version - adapted from an SVG Cuts file.  I embossed the side panels with the TH brickwork folder and added extra flags to the turrets.  On the sides I added some characters from the Medieval Fantasy image set using Print then Cut.

 And here's what his very clever Mama made for him!  Isn't that the coolest thing ever?

Thanks for visiting with me today.  Man the battlements and raise the drawbridge!  : )  Christine
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