Monday, August 31, 2015

Bird Crazy Halloween!

I was NOT going to jump on the band wagon and buy the Tim Holtz Crazy Birds even though I think they're fabulous!  Nope.  Don't need them.  Haven't even made one card from the blueprint stamps that I HAD to have. (In my defense, I have practiced water-coloring a few of them  Not a pretty sight!) Then, sigh, Mr. H. introduced the accessory stamps and dies and I pushed the 'Buy' button.

Here's my card:-

If you haven't tried a cascading card before, go here for easy peasy directions from Flowerbug.  The trick is to use a nice heavy 'designer' double sided paper AFTER you have practiced with some old, ugly card stock. 

This was a lovely project to work on a little at a time while it was my turn to watch the puppy. (Just to make sure she was not chewing on her stitches.)  I used my Spectrum Aqua watercolors and a small paint brush to pick up the color from an acrylic block.  I love the vampire owl with his fangs and the HP bird with his wand which is really the paint brush stamp with the brush end cut off!  The sweet little bunny bird's tail is the fluffy ball from the end of the Santa hat stamp.

The sentiments were written with my Explore and say "Trick or Tweet!"  "Happy 'Owl'oween!" and  "Flying by with a witchy "Hi!"  Such a fun, fun card to make.

Thanks for visiting with me today.  I'd better go watercolor some more birds!   : ) Christine


  1. I double commented over on Sheila's blog and still didn't get my fingers to type what my brain was thinking. First off, I love love love your card. And now not only are there accessories stamps, but dies for the accessories - and the accessories dies is what I was thinking about. This is one crazy set of stamps and dies. Just looking at them makes me smile.

  2. what a great idea for your card - never thought to make a card like this. It's terrific!

  3. I love these stamps - finally bought them!


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