Friday, January 29, 2016

Nativity Dimensional Scenes

 In the first part of December,  we had a lovely visit to some friends in Kennewick.  Naturally, I planned an outing to Hobby Lobby on our way and picked up, among other things, (lol!) a Tombow Stamp Runner.  This thing saved my sanity!  While I cannot use my beloved ATG gun yet, I am now able use the stamp runner and since layering is tricky, being able to remove and re-position layers is wonderful.

As a thank you for their hospitality, I planned to take the Nativity Dimensional Scenes available as a the Design Space Make It Now project, and convert it into a tri-fold card.  Five weeks later (!!!!) here it is:-

I used American Crafts cardstock for all the layers (except the star) and was delighted with the perfection of the cuts.  I did not use pop dots between the layers because I was thinking to make it look like inlaid wood.

To make the pieces into a card, I cut the blue backing shown above, three more times in black cardstock and added hinge pieces, scored twice to accommodate the depth of the pieces, between the backing and the bottom blue layers of the scenes.

I also inked the outside edges of the layered pieces when they were completed, to give a finished look. 

This project is much easier than it looks and the hardest part was finding all the different shades of brown cardstock!  Give it a try!   Thank you for visiting with me today.   :  )  Christine

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Valentines for 2016

Are you a fan of Kim's Card Kits?  I have to admit that up to this point, I subscribed to Kim's site for inspiration but when I saw this month's Valentine Kit, I hit the 'buy' button.  For $17.00 I received 7 card bases and envelopes, matching ribbons, bling, 2 sheets of cute stickers from Pebbles, and cardstock pieces cut to size for each card.  The instructions and pictures were easy to follow and everything was good quality.

I really had fun putting these cards together!   I wasn't, however, able to make them look as good as Kim's pictures so after the second card I used her designs as a starting point and did my own thing.  : )

This one is my favorite for it illustrates perfectly the crafter's mantra that there's no such thing as a mistake, just an opportunity to embellish:-

My wrist continues to heal and I find that I can do more and more with my right hand.  Woo hoo!  I start physical therapy on Friday - not looking forward to that!   : (

Thanks for visiting with me today and take a look at Kim's Card Kits.  I'm thinking that the DGDs might like a kit each to practice their card making skills.   : )  Christine

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

"Do You Want To Build A Snowman?"

Thanks to the Explore's Print Then Cut capabilities, this one handed crafter was able to put together a cute little January treat for the children at the OHM.

The hardest part was wrapping the covers around the Hershey nuggets and pulling the tape from the dispenser!

I hope they will enjoy building Olaf (with his arms either raised or lowered) before they snack on the chocolate.   :  )    Thanks for visiting with me today.   : )  Christine

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Inspired by Pinterest

It was the 'other' Grandpa's birthday a few weeks ago and we celebrated by watching the Christmas Ships and then warming up with a delicious meal at Gustav's.

I took advantage of a recent cart sale at to add the Lyrical Letters 2 font cart to my collection and I am loving the different looks of the fonts.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a text bug in DS and I was unable to change the color of the numbers in my sentiment by the normal method of isolating them in 'edit.'   So, I duplicated the text and changed it all to red.  Then, being very careful to maintain the spacing, I deleted all the letters except the 21 and 40.  Going back to my original text box, I deleted the 21 and 40 making sure to add spaces in their place.  Then it was easy peasy to attach the two text boxes on the mat.

Here's the inner sentiment:-

A simple guy card, but easy to personalize by changing the numbers.  I'll be using this file again!

Update:  Since I did not regain strength or feeling in the fingers of my right hand, it was decided to insert a plate and screws.  I had the surgery on Christmas Eve and had my best present EVER in warm fingers that not only move independently but can also can feel Cocoa's soft, curly coat!  Soooo looking forward to getting back in my Craft Room.   Thanks for visiting with me today.  : ) Christine
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