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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Spring Wall decor with the Explore!

A year or so ago, I pinned a Spring wall hanging from Cricut Crazy Scrapper.  It had been entered in a BBTB 2 challenge and I loved it!   Unfortunately, I don't have the cart Nate's ABC although I do have Kate's ABC. 

Fast forward to this week and I was delighted to find that Nate's ABC was part of the HSN Design Space subscription.  I placed the images from both Nate and Kate on a 12 x 12 canvas and was able to arrange them to my liking.   It's much easier to do this when the images are colored!  (Sorry, Gypsy girl!)  The software grouped the images on the virtual mats and I went to cutting.  

Kate's ABC is one of my favorite carts because the images are cute without being cartoonish.  KWIM?  I have cut this little lady and her dog a couple of times before and have never made a satisfactory scalloped layer under her hat.  Look what the Explore achieved!  

Here's the finished cut: -

I am linking my Wall Art with the BBTB2 Favorite Cartridge challenge here.
It's interesting to see which carts are favorites.     Here's the finished project although I'm not sure if I'll remove the flowers or not.  Guess I'll wait for Spring!  

                      Thanks for visiting with me today. : )  Christine

And one last picture of my DGS who was sitting on my lap throughout the photography process and determined to get some part of himself in the picture!

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