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Sunday, April 26, 2015


Even I can see that when creating my monthly treats for the OHM children, I tend ('Try always!' amends DH) to go for cutesy stuff!  So for my May contribution I settled on a non - cutesy Robot theme. 

I found this little treat bag on the Robot Party cart, which is part of the subscription, and sized it at 4.96 inches wide. 

When I went to cut the 24 bags, DS put 2 to a mat.  What?  It seemed there was plenty of room for a third bag on the mat.  Then I remembered a tip from one of my Facebook Cricut groups and quickly added a 12 inch square template to my mat.  I scooted two of the bags onto the template and then rotated a third and placed it carefully at the bottom.  Holding down the shift key, I selected all three treat bags and used the 'attach' button.  I did NOT attach them to the template and I deleted the square as soon I was certain that they would fit on the cutting mat.

Just for fun, I also cut the robot favors from the Robot Party cart and added two to each treat bag nestled in with the candy.  I have to say that they are actually very cute!  LOL   : )  Thanks for visiting with me today.  : )   Christine

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